Eko Business Dinner | Emilinks N3m prize on #MyDoorStory competition inspires youth creativity
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Emilinks N3m prize on #MyDoorStory competition inspires youth creativity

Emilinks N3m prize on #MyDoorStory competition inspires youth creativity

In the next 30 days,  beginning from August 8, N3 million will be given out to 300 creative Nigerian youths who excel in the ongoing  #MyDoorStory competition launched recently by Emilinks Limited,  meaning that, on daily basis, N10,000 each will be given out to 10 creative youths.

Consequently, amidst the harsh economic realities being experienced presently in the country, over 1,000  youths have, in the last eight days, taken to creative writing to empower themselves intellectually and financially.

The #MyDoorStory competition, according to Emilinks, is aimed to engage the youths intellectually in an online competition that involves writing a short story about doors.

 Solomon Nwadiogbu, the MD of Emilinks Limited, explained in a statement in Lagos, at the weekend, that  “the #MyDoorStory competition,  which is my brainchild, is giving away N3 million in 30 daysto 300 creative Nigerian youths. On daily basis, the sum of N10,000 will be given out to 10 youths over the next 30 days”.

 Nwadiogbu explained further that he came up with the initiative because he felt that  “money orientation must die in Nigeria; people must return to the right core values; money is not value. Let us remove the value we place on money and place value on values.”

Continuing, he said, “through this initiative, we want to empower Nigerian youths to see that there’s always money out there to be made if only they can unleash their creativity and focus on adding value to the society. This is because that is the only way to rise above poverty and unemployment.”

He disclosed that, so far, in the last eight days, 70 Nigerian youths have each won N10,000 as a result of unleashing their creativity to orientate Nigerians about the significance of doors, advising those  who would like to participate in the competition to look for the details on the company website—Emiilinks.com—under the heading ‘complete your house promo’.


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