Eko Business Dinner | Firm unveils tech solution for SMEs’ efficient, transparent business operations
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Firm unveils tech solution for SMEs’ efficient, transparent business operations

Firm unveils tech solution for SMEs’ efficient, transparent business operations

An indigenous firm, Matt O’bell Limited has introduced OdooSME, robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that allows companies, especially SMEs in the country to run their business more transparently, efficiently and in turn assist them to improve productivity and profitability.

The solution which cuts out paperwork is coming in to Nigeria at a time most SMEs are found not to keep detailed  records of transactions, including  sales, procurement, ware-housing, human resources, marketing among others and a few that do, only record accounting transactions in books.

Introducing the product recently, the CEO of Matt O’bell, Dare Ojo-Bello explained that what gave birth to ERP, is to have a single database that integrates all the functions and strategic business units of an organization instead of an organization deploying various softwares for various functions.

“ERP helps in better coordination amongst entities, business units and operations, administration and enforcement of control and business processes, delivery of accurate and real time financial reports and much more”, he said.

With the  recognition that SMEs would like to pay for what they use, Ojo-Bello said “instead of forcing features that they do not need, we have developed flexible plan options that allows the SMEs to select a plan that fits their kind of business”

“As the world becomes a global village, the traditional brick and mortar shops, businesses and markets are now complemented by online markets using e-commerce and OdooSME plans takes care of the need of an average SME including maintaining an online presence”

Explaining that OdooSME plans are affordable and the company offers try-before use system, Ojo-Bello noted that the SME business is not different from the business of large organizations. “If big companies leverage technology for efficient and profitability, SMEs should not be different”, he said.

The introduction of the business solution was as a result of Matt O’bell partnership with Odoo S.A, a foremost provider of ERP and business productivity tools for SMEs.

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